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  • Corpusse

    CORPUSSE: Surrender to the Passion

    Documentary screening plus live performance by Corpusse!

    At Casa Del Popolo (4873 St-Laurent), Friday, July 15, 8:30 P.M., Admission $10 (Advance Tickets $8 at Casa Del Popolo, Cheap Thrills, Phonopolis, l’Oblique, Sound Central and Le Septième)

    Corpusse is a Montreal-born musician, performance artist and painter who has been pursuing his extreme, uncompromising vision for over 20 years. His work has been described as “gothic shock opera” (Rue Morgue magazine) and “a cross between spoken word and pro wrestling” (Montreal underground culture archivist Louis Rastelli), and the Montreal Mirror’s Jonathan Cummins has declared, “If you think you’ve heard it all, you haven’t heard Corpusse.”

    CORPUSSE: SURRENDER TO THE PASSION is a documentary about Corpusse’s life, art and philosophy, featuring archival performance footage from throughout his career, and numerous interviews with his friends, family and fans (including underground cartoonist Rick Trembles and Chloe Lum of notorious noise-rock band AIDS Wolf), as well as the enigmatic Corpusse him- self. Occasionally shocking and unexpectedly touching, the film is a portrait of a truly unique artist that also touches on deeper questions about art and creativity in general.

    This special screening will be followed by a performance by Corpusse himself, accompanied by his trusty sidekick, soundscape engineer (and comic artist) Lorenz Peter. The film’s director Malcolm Fraser (film editor at the Montreal Mirror and musical entertainer with The World Provider) will be in attendance. DJ Fried Air and DJ The Zone will provide ambiance for the evening.

  • Die Bad

    Die Bad on Screen

    Master Class with Director Ryoo Seung-Wan

    At Reggie’s Bar (Hall Bldg., 1455 De Maisonneuve W., Mezzanine Level), Saturday, July 16, 3 P.M. – 5 P.M., Free Admission

    Ryoo leads a new wave of Korean action cinema with his genre- blending films — his hard-boiled action debut DIE BAD (2000), his refreshing dramatic take on boxing in CRYING FIST (2005, Cannes) and the modern interpretation of martial arts action in CITY OF VIOLENCE (2007), a collaboration with Korea’s main martial arts school. This year, Ryoo returns to Fantasia with his eighth film, THE UNJUST, for which he teamed up with his brother, actor Ryoo Seung-beom, and Hwang Jung-min, who both possess natural-born acting skills. During this master class, Ryoo offers an insider’s look into his creative and directorial processes.

    Q&A follows with English and French interpreters.

  • Bloody Breasts

    Bloody Breasts presents: Women in Horror

    An Interactive Discussion with Women Horror Filmmakers

    At Reggie’s Bar, Sunday, July 17, 3 P.M., Free Admission

    In her web-based documentary series BLOODY BREASTS, local horror filmmaker Maude Michaud focuses on the often underrepresented women working behind the scenes in the horror film industry. Despite the creation of the Women in Horror Recognition Month in February 2010 during which hundreds of women horror filmmakers got their films screened around the world, they still tend to be perceived as a novelty by genre fans and journalists. That is, of course, when their interest in the genre is not automatically brushed off as unlikely, un-feminine or downright questionable!

    In light of the positive response to the BLOODY BREASTS web-series, this panel, created exclusively for Fantasia, encourages the audience to participate in a discussion with four women horror film-makers who will tackle everything from myths usually associated with women in horror, their experience within the genre, their creative process, and whether the question of gender is still relevant when looking at the current horror film industry.

    Jovanka Vuckovic (THE CAPTURED BIRD, former editor-in-chief of Rue Morgue magazine), Izabel Grondin (FANTASME), and Elza Kephart (GRAVEYARD ALIVE: A ZOMBIE NURSE IN LOVE) will join Maude Michaud (HOLLYWOOD SKIN) and Kier-La Janisse (author, House of Psychotic Women/co-founder, Blue Sunshine Psychotronic Film Centre) in what promises to be a no-holds-barred discussion about horror filmmaking and going against society’s expectations.

  • Theatre Bizarre

    Architects of The Theatre Bizarre

    With Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, Tom Savini and Richard Stanley Moderated by journalist & filmmaker Jovanka Vuckovic

    At Reggie’s Bar, Sunday, July 17, 5:30 P.M., Free Admission

    Fantasia will be the site of the world premiere of the partially-made-in- Quebec (as well as the USA, the U.K., Germany and France) anthology film, THE THEATRE BIZARRE. One of the most hotly anticipated genre films of 2011, it showcases the combined talents of some of the world’s most exciting and iconoclastic fantastic film figures: Richard Stanley (HARDWARE, DUST DEVIL, THE SECRET GLORY), Karim Hussain (SUBCONSCIOUS CRUELTY, LA BELLE BÊTE, cinematographer of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN), Douglas Buck (SISTERS, CUTTING MOMENTS), Buddy Giovinazzo (COMBAT SHOCK, LIFE IS HOT IN CRACKTOWN), David Gregory (PLAGUE TOWN, founder of the Severin video label) and Tom Savini (legendary FX artist — CREEPSHOW, DAWN OF THE DEAD, FRIDAY THE 13TH and countless others, director of the 1990 NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD remake and actor in such films as FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, KNIGHTRIDERS and MACHETE) plus a wraparound segment directed by Jeremy Kasten (THE WIZARD OF GORE). Our launch of the film will be a special kind of homecoming. The work of each filmmaker has been showcased at Fantasia over the past 15 years, most met each other here and the project itself came together in large part at the festival. Join us for an hour-long discussion with the entire pack of filmmakers!

  • Wicker Man

    ROBIN HARDY in Conversation with RICHARD STANLEY

    At Reggie’s Bar, Wednesday, July 20, 5:30 P.M., Free Admission

    Join us for a special conversation between two of Britain’s most brilliant genre film voices. Robin Hardy, director of the 1973 classic THE WICKER MAN (and now, its much anticipated follow-up, THE WICKER TREE, premiering at the festival this year) and Richard Stanley, maker of such modern classics as DUST DEVIL and HARDWARE (as well as the “Mother of Toads” segment in THE THEATRE BIZARRE, also premiering at the festival). While a generation apart in age, both filmmakers share numerous distinctive qualities. An astute understanding of the occult, an encyclopedic knowledge of history and religion and a profoundly biting ability for dark satire and ironic poetry. Both are also master raconteurs, captivating speakers who can have any crowd hanging on their every word. Their films, usually made years apart from one to the other, are wholly singular visions, unique, unconventional and uncompromising works that challenge, amuse and startle. A conversation with either is no different. A discussion between the two might very well make the world end. Sit down with this inspired pair of talents and enjoy a sure-to-be-fascinating discussion of faith, filmmaking and the occult — and whatever else may possess them. Copies of Hardy’s THE WICKER TREE novel will be available for sale and sign- ing after the panel.

  • Cinema de L'extreme

    Off-CIEL présente Qu’est-ce que le cinéma de l’extrême ?

    Table ronde avec Rémy Couture, Frédérick Maheux, FJ Ossang et Jean-François Rauger

    Au Bar Reggie’s, Lundi Le 1 Août, 15H, Entrée Gratuite

    Après une seconde édition remarquée en mars plus tôt cette année, le congrès académique sur la culture populaire Off-CIEL est fier de s’associer avec Fantasia pour présenter une table ronde sur le cinéma. L’extrême implique une frontière que l’on franchit avec audace pour mettre ses propres limites à l’épreuve. Au cinéma, ce terme est généralement attribué à des œuvres au contenu graphique prononcé, ce qui vient à exclure d’autres films qui, à leur manière, viennent pousser les limites du médium sur un plan formel et narratif, mais également politique et économique. Ainsi, en y regardant de plus près, TRASH HUMPERS de Harmony Korine ou encore THE HOLY MOUNTAIN d’Alejandro Jodorowsky pourraient aller beaucoup plus loin dans leur exploration des bornes cinématographiques que le plus violent des « mondo movies ». Il y aurait donc, forcément, une différence notoire entre le cinéma extrême et le cinéma de l’extrême. À partir d’exemples divers, allant du snuff au nanar, ce débat tentera de déterminer ce en quoi consisterait un cinéma qui irait continuellement de l’avant, à un point tel que chaque nouveau film émergeant de ce corpus conceptuel imposerait à son tour une nouvelle frontière à franchir. Les cinéastes FJ Ossang et Frédérick Maheux, le concepteur d’effets spéciaux Rémy Couture et Jean-François Rauger, le directeur de programmation de la Cinémathèque française, seront les participants de cette table ronde qui portera sur un cinéma rebelle qui a toujours fasciné les spectateurs.

  • John Dunning & Andre Link

    A Star-Studded Live Tribute to JOHN DUNNING & ANDRÉ LINK

    At the Hall Theatre, Wednesday, July 20, 6:45 P.M., (Ceremony Precedes Shivers Screening), Free Admission

    For our fifteenth anniversary, Fantasia pays tribute to the history and heritage of Quebecois and Canadian genre cinema by way of a special event honouring the maverick producing team of John Dunning and André Link. Over the spawn of their 40-year partnership, Dunning and Link founded the legendary Cinépix production company — which eventually became what we now know as Lionsgate — and helped launch the careers of some of Canada’s most celebrated independent film titans.

    John Dunning & Andre Link

    Join us before our free retrospective screening of a rare 35mm archival print of Cronenberg’s SHIVERS for a special ceremony paying tribute to the trailblazing producing team, that will feature reminiscences by a score of Canadian film industry players whose careers were shaped by their bravery and vision. Participants will include filmmakers George Mihalka (MY BLOODY VALENTINE, PINBALL SUMMER), Denis Héroux (VALÉRIE, THE UNCANNY), Jean-Claude Lord (FRANKENSTEIN 2000, VISITING HOURS), Larry Kent (YESTERDAY, HIGH), actor Danielle Ouimet (DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, VALÉRIE), actor Lynn Lowry (SHIVERS, THE CRAZIES), producer Don Carmody (PORKY’S, CHICAGO), Christal Films founder and producer Christian Larouche (GERRY, LES 3 P’TITS COCHONS), SODEC president François Macerola and others — plus pre-taped statements from David Cronenberg and Ilsa herself, Dyanne Thorne. The participants will be interviewed on stage by Paul Corupe, film journalist and founder of Canuxploitation.com.

  • Hammer

    La Mythologie Hammer

    Une conférence de Nicolas Stanzick, auteur du livre Dans les griffes de la Hammer et journaliste à l’Écran Fantastique.

    À La Salle J.a. De Sève, Dimanche Le 24 Juillet, 14H (Précède La Projection De Frankenstein Created Woman À 15H, Conférence Gratuite À L’achat D’un Billet Pour La Séance)

    Terence Fisher, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing... Plus qu’une date de l’histoire du cinéma qui vit l’épouvante assumer enfin sa dimension érotique et violente, le cycle gothique produit par la firme britannique Hammer fut unvéritable emblème subversif. Le déferlement sur les écrans à partir de 1957 de FRANKENSTEIN S’EST ÉCHAPPÉ, LA NUIT DU LOUP-GAROU ou encore DRACULA PRINCE DES TÉNÈBRES offre l’histoire d’une étonnante bataille d’Hernani faite de luttes esthétiques, de passions cinéphiles sur fond de révolution pop et de bouleversements politico-culturels.

    Avec de nombreux extraits de films à l’appui, Nicolas Stanzick reviendra sur l’étonnante trajectoire de ces films de sexe et de sang, violemment condamnés à leur sortie et désormais célébrés comme de grands classiques. Manière de saisir le cœur de la mythologie Hammer, plus vive que jamais à l’heure où tel Dracula, le studio renaît enfin de ses cendres.

  • Bird with the Crystal Tail

    Panorama-cinéma présente

    Lancement du livre Vies et morts du giallo

    Au Bar Reggie’s, Jeudi Le 28 Juillet, 17H, Entrée Gratuite

    Après avoir lancé son premier livre L’humanisme d’après-guerre japonais à Fantasia en 2010, l’équipe de Panorama-cinéma revient à la charge cette année avec Vies et morts du gallo : de 1963 à aujourd’hui. Pour célébrer l’occasion, vous êtes cordialement invités à un 5 à 7 qui se tiendra au Reggie’s Bar le jeudi 28 juillet.

    Ce nouvel ouvrage se penche sur le genre culte du giallo : le suspense policier à l’italienne qui a sévi sur les écrans du monde entier durant les années 60 et 70. Après un dur séjour dans les limbes, le filone aura enfin droit à une étude en long et en large, sur près de 500 pages : il s’agit, à notre connaissance, de l’un des premiers livres francophones de cette envergure à lui être consacré.

    Contenant plusieurs dizaines d’illustrations réalisées par l’auteur de bande dessinée Jimmy Beaulieu, une préface explosive signée par Mitch Davis de Fantasia, un texte écrit par le programmeur Simon Laperrière, plus d’une quarantaine de critiques, des entrevues avec Sergio Martino et Ernesto Gastaldi ainsi que le compte-rendu d’une conférence donnée par Dario Argento en octobre 2010, le livre promet d’être plus beau, plus gros et plus varié encore que son illustre prédécesseur!

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