Lifetime Achievement Award: Larry Cohen

For our 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award, Fantasia will be saluting the groundbreaking work of independent American filmmaker Larry Cohen. One of the godfathers of socially conscious genre storytelling with such individualistic landmarks as the IT’S ALIVE films, BLACK CAESAR, GOD TOLD ME TO, Q, BONE and THE STUFF, in addition to his distinctive screenwriting work for other filmmakers, including Roland Joffé, William Lustig, David R. Ellis and Joel Schumacher, and various television projects across the decades, Cohen is an inspiration. His output is smart, topical and boldly confrontational – yet always entertaining – populated with atypical characters and crackling with originality and invention. He is a master of resourceful, uncompromising indie filmmaking and we adore him.

Larry Cohen will be receiving our Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Premiere of Steve Mitchell’s phenomenal KING COHEN, on Sunday July 23. In addition, Fantasia is joining forces with la Cinémathèque québécoise to screen 35mm archival prints of IT’S ALIVE, GOD TOLD ME TO and Q: THE WINGED SERPENT. Join us in celebrating a true hero of subversive genre cinema.

Tribute to Larry Cohen

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