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What is Fantasia?

1996: Creation date of the Fantasia International Film Festival, a non-profit organization dedicated to the presentation, promotion, development and evolution of genre cinema.

MAJOR EVENT: In 2016, the city of Montreal elevated the Fantasia International Film Festival to rank among the city’s major events, thus marking it as an essential part of Montreal culture.

FESTIVAL OF ALL GENRES: The festival specializes in genre cinema with popular appeal, including action, martial arts, thriller, horror, comedy, animation, fantasy, sci-fi, and family movies, alternative documentaries and films beyond categorization.

A RICH VARIETY OF FILMS: Fantasia offers a diversified range of films, assembling feature-length and short films from over 40 countries, providing a rich variety of filmgoing experiences for the public.

PREMIERES: The majority of the movies are screened in world, international, North American or Canadian premiere.

MORE THAN 20 DAYS WITH A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: Unlike most film festivals, which last 10 days or less, Fantasia offers its partners and sponsors a 20-days-plus window. The festival capitalizes on more days, more than 150 feature films, and less screens, which means cannibalisation of crossover audiences during the festival, allowing fans to see more films than a regular 10-day festival.

ENTHUSIASM OF THE AUDIENCE: Fantasia is widely known for the enthusiasm and spirited revelry of its audiences. Passionate and engaged, our festival-goers want to show their love of cinema, and give the warmest welcome to the artists the festival invites.

INTERNATIONAL COVERage: The festival is covered by local and foreign media, reporting for the cinema industry and general public alike.

WORLD RENOWN: Known as the most important genre film festival in North America, Fantasia has become a not-to-be-missed event for cinema lovers and professionals.

FRONTIÈRES: The festival connects with the cinema industry’s professionals through its international co-production market, Frontières. At every edition, hundreds of professionals from the film industry attend the market, including director, actors, producers, and international sales agents.

SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE: Besides promoting the festival via its annual printed program guide, which is a collector’s item for the fans, Fantasia has developed its brand across different digital media (Web site, mobile phone application, a strong presence on social media…) in order to connect with a new, plugged-in generation.

Audience Demographics

Audience demographics

2017 edition

  • More than 100, 000 attendees for the eight year in a row.
  • Close to 700 special guests, including 400 representatives from the international film industry (directors, producers, distributors, buyers, etc.)
  • 155 feature films from 40 countries and over 260 short films
  • 128 premieres of feature films, including 35 world or international premieres
  • Four free outdoor screenings on the Concordia Screen.
  • Fantasia’s web site was frequented by some 135 000 visitors, for more than 1 375 000 pages views.
  • Web site users visit 7 pages on average and spend an average of 16 minutes on each visit.
  • 50 sponsor-partners, 15 media partners and over 130 advertisers


The 21st edition of Fantasia International Film Festival shined brightly in the media all over the world. For the fourth consecutive year, close to 3,000 articles or media mentions went out on the topic of our festival.

Over 550 media outlets from some 35 countries covered or mentioned our festival, while some 230 journalists were accredited to cover our festival.

Countries which covered Fantasia in 2017 include, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam.

“A must-see for Montreal moviegoers since 1996”

—ArtTV / Radio-Canada

“I’m a 100% Fantasia lifer going forward. It’s genuinely the best fest ever!”

—Screen Anarchy (Canada)

“The Fantasia International Film Festival is celebrating its 21th anniversary this year. Presenting more than 150 films and 250 short films to more than 100,000 festival-goers, the event is one of the most popular with film-lovers.”

—TVA News

“Fantasia has quietly built an international reputation as one of the most interesting and cleverly programmed genre festivals in the world.”

—Roger Ebert.com (USA)

“True to its nature, Fantasia has concocted a rich programming for lovers of genre cinema, bold films and unclassifiable works.”

—Le Devoir

“From filmmakers who grew up going to the festival to others currently benefiting from its resources, Fantasia has plenty of evidence that its system for supporting the genre community works well.”

—Indie Wire (usa)

“The programming offered, in this 21st edition, is diversified, surprising and above all enticing.”

—Bible Urbaine

“North America’s hottest genre festival is gearing up for its 21st edition this summer, and the lineup is as crazy and unmissable as ever.”

—Rue Morgue (Canada)

“Moviegoers will have an extra excuse to go wandering in dark rooms, on the occasion of the long-awaited return of the Fantasia International Film Festival!”

—Night Life

“In addition to the great live events, features, and raucous Q&As, the festival always programs great short films, and the 2017 edition was no different.”

—Screen Anarchy (Canada)

“This year, the Fantasia festival once again highlighted female voices”

—24 Images

“For film lovers, the most outstanding and largest genre film festival in North America is about to start! Since its inaugural year, Fantasia film Festival owes its success to the tireless efforts of impressive volunteers, savvy programmers and hordes of loyal fans that converge on the grounds of Concordia University to watch the latest Genre films to hit the screens.”

—Mountain Lake PBS (USA)

Sponsorship Opportunities

FANTASIA International Film Festival offers privileged access to an attentive audience over the course of 20 days. With more than 100,000 spectators, Fantasia can boast of impressive traffic and a reach with educated movie lovers and cultivated consumers, in addition to college and university students. All of that in a festive and fun environment.

FANTASIA International Film Festival offers privileged access to an attentive audience over the course of 20 days. With more than 100,000 spectators, Fantasia can boast of impressive traffic and a reach with educated movie lovers and cultivated consumers, in addition to college and university students. All of that in a festive and fun environment.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Fantasia festival is capable of answering to the particular needs of each potential sponsor. We offer many sponsorship levels:

  • Main Sponsor
  • Major Sponsor
  • Sponsor and Partner
  • Section Presenter or Special Event Presenter
  • Advertiser
  • Corporate Ticket Buyers at an advantageous price

Our sponsorship program offers :

  • Visibility reaching nearby over 4,500,000 Canadian people
  • Logo placement on the cover of our program guide, on sale accross the province Advertisements strategically placed in our printed program guide (35,000 copies) Logo placement on our schedule, distributed accross Quebec (100,000 copies) Commercials on our big screens before selected films Logo placement on our poster advertising campaign Visibility and links on our Web site VIP passes and festival tickets for your clients and/or employees The possibility of realizing promotional activities during the festival

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