We’re currently on the lookout for features and shorts to showcase at next summer’s event, for our 22nd edition. What exactly are we looking for? While predominantly a fantastic film festival, Fantasia has always embraced films whose sheer individuality puts them in a genre of their own. If you’re not sure whether your film is right for us, consider that we’ve showcased everything from captivating dramas, eccentric comedies, provocative documentaries, mind-blowing experimental works, musicals, even atypical children’s films. In other words, set our minds’ eyes on fire and we’ll do everything possible to get your film seen. Feel free to browse our 2017 website for a better understanding of our programming sensibilities.

Any work produced in the past 18 months is eligible for Public’s Prize and may also potentially be placed in one of our juried competitions.

Our entry fees are low, and we encourage filmmakers and companies of all backgrounds, interests and obsessions to submit their work.


Please fill out the online entry form and be sure to include a viewing link to the most recent version of your film. Works-in-progress are permitted, provided that you are certain the film will have been completed by our festival dates. We will consider all entries received by 5pm, May 2nd, 2018.

We look forward to seeing what you’ve made!

On behalf of the entire Fantasia team,
Mitch Davis